Valuable Resources for CBRF/AFH Facilities

We are committed to offering comprehensive resources tailored to support your CBRF/AFH facilities. Our focus is on equipping your staff with educational materials and ensuring residents and their families have access to valuable resources. This page will be regularly updated. Your Feedback and Recommendations are welcome.

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Jump Start Your Career In The Healthcare Industry

Around the country, there are millions of people who serve as caregivers. Some caregivers work for assisted living facilities, some work for home care agencies, some work independently, and others don’t “work” at all but are family caregivers who pitch in to help loved ones. No matter what type of caregiver a person may be - attentiveness, compassion, dependability, patience, and trustworthiness are characteristics that they all must have in order to perform successfully. When you can identify with these traits you will know that you are in the right field.